Wall Drug Store

Location: Wall, SD

IMMEDIATE OPENINGS! Exciting Summer Positions / Great Housing!

Positions are available in 3 different areas: retail sales, restaurant staff and maintenance. Job assignment is determined by examining the application and previous work experience. Fill out an online application now! - LINK LISTED AT BOTTOM OF PAGE.

Wall Drug staff includes seasonal and full-time employees. Approximately 110 students are employed at Wall Drug during the summer. College and high school students from all around the United States bring the total of 70 and overseas students from all over Europe (Czech republic, Slovakia, Poland, Romania, Croatia, England etc.) and South America make the total of about 40. Workampers, looking for seasonal job and year-round employees make another employee group that total 230 employees in the summer time.

By making such a diverse team we create and value the environment where people who are diverse in age, education, ethnic origin, work background, culture, lifestyle, physical abilities, race, religious beliefs, sexual orientation and other perceived differences are recognized, feel valued and can go as far as their talent and ambition allow. We're the company that really cares about people and the value diversity can bring.

Great Housing and Excellent Pay

High school graduates and college students will be paid a minimum of $7.00 per hour. You may average from two to eight hours of overtime each week depending on business. The majority of last year's seasonal employees worked 8 hours of overtime each week. For every hour worked over 40, you will receive $10.50 per hour.

Students who average 8 hours of overtime will receive approximately $364.00 a week or $1,456.00 every 4 weeks. A performance bonus of 5% will be awarded to employees who do superior work. So with overtime and performance bonus added to your regular pay, you will receive an average hourly wage of $7.58. Last season, we paid approximately 75% of our first year employees a performance bonus.

In addition, Wall Drug offers 25% discount on all items for their employees except for food, tobacco and sale items.

Your job assignment will be determined by examining your application and previous work experience. Positions are available in the areas of maintenance, cafeteria and retail stores.

Most student employees work split shifts, that is: four hours on duty, four hours off and then return for an additional four hours. Each employee has one day off a week, which is usually the same day each week.

Uniforms are furnished for the ladies and Western shirts are furnished for the men. All the fellows are asked to bring Western jeans to work in at Wall Drug. When you arrive, uniforms will be checked out to you and when you leave, you will return the laundered uniforms.

Student Housing at Wall Drug consists of 32 dormitories that are homes we have purchased in Wall and converted to housing for summer employees. Approximately the same regulations are observed in the dorms as are found in most colleges. A Proctor is selected for each dorm and he/she is responsible for the upkeep of the dorm along with the assistance of the students living there.

The Proctor is also responsible for the general welfare of the students who live in their dorm. When assigning students to dormitories, a great effort is made in determining the student's job assignment here in the store.

The dormitories are well furnished, kitchens are set up for cooking, including refrigerator, microwave, toaster in each kitchen. TV, VCR, CD player with radio, iron, hair-dryer and single bedding is provided. About all you need to bring along is towels, alarm clock and your personal necessities.

The dormitory fee is just $35.00 a week and $10.00 a week of this fee is refunded at the end of the season under the following guidelines:

1. You must be on the payroll the complete season. You naturally won't qualify for this bonus if you are discharged by the management because of dishonesty or bad work habits.
2. You will not receive the bonus if you leave early to take a vacation. You must fulfill your contract.
3. Your dormitory must be left in satisfactory condition.
The Wall Drug swimming pool and weight room provide daily recreation for seasonal employees. In addition, we have soccer, softball, volleyball, and dancing available. Free Black Hills, Badlands & Lakes passes are given to employees to explore attractions in the area.

Store parties are held for the employees in the summer with free beverage, special food and prizes.

Internet access is provided in the bank, church and library. If you have brought your computer, you may have the Internet hooked up in the dorm for $20.00 a month unlimited.

You will have a great opportunity to meet young people from all over the world, learn about their culture and make new friends.


Web Address:http://www.walldrug.com/walldrugapp.htm
Email Address:walldrug@gwtc.net
Winter Address:PO Box 401
510 Main Street
State:South Dakota

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